Weird but True: Indian Music Now Reaching for The Stars

Now, many of you may be aware of some amazing facts about Indian Music such as the power of Ragas or the invention of musical instruments or the link between India’s religions and Mp3 songs.
But today we will be looking at two of the most amazing things that have happened recently, that will make your listening music online experience deeper.
Yes, the following two instances may be weird for some but they are 100% true. The Indian Music is now reaching for the stars.

 1. Music Plays in Space!
NASA’s Voyager 2 was launched in August 1977 and has Voyager Golden Records which are phonograph records and contain sounds and images reflecting life and culture of the Earth. This is intended for any extraterrestrial life form or, for future human beings, a kind of a time capsule.
Not many know that among these sounds is a Hindustani classical songs composition called, ‘’Jaat Kahan Ho’’. It was rendered by Surshri Kesarbai Kerkar, a prominent Khayal singer of the 20th
The recording which lasts nea…

7 Creative Ways of Learning New Language

To many, learning new language, seems like climbing a mountain. The hurdles can easily overwhelm a person involved in this task. However, with willingness, enthusiasm and right tools, the whole process can become easy, creative and knowledgeable.

The reasons are diverse. There are many e-learning  websites also available these days. But we will go a step further and look at some of the more creative ways to enhance both knowledge and career. So without further ado, lets take a look at 7 of some of the fun and creative ways in which you can learn a new language.

Watch a Movie:

Wait, it doesn’t mean any random movie! No! Watch the movie in the language you’re interested in. By reading through the subtitles of the film, you’ll get a sense of sounds, pronunciations, patterns, etc. of that culture. This is a great way to feel more relaxing and comfortable while feeling a new vocabulary.

Get an e-Learning App:

Want Night Images? Learn How to Be Ready for Low Light Photography

Clicking photos after sunset for night images can be a big challenge for any photographer. Here the quality of image matters more than anything else. And the only other thing that matters is to learn to be ready for low light photography.
Making sure of the following things in your kitbag can be extremely useful in turning you to a successful low light photographer and get you thosegood night imagesthat you can use as high resolution wallpaper or simply frame and hang them on your walls.

Camera Flash

The first and the obvious