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3.5mm Audio Jack vs. USB Type-C Port: Who Wins This Music Battle?

A revolution of sorts began in 2016 that is now in full swing. The familiar face of our audios, the 3.5mm headphone jack, is now paving way for the USB Type-C ports.
Is it too soon? Was it inevitable? What will happen to your favorite old and new all song? Well, hang on as this write-up will try and answer all of these questions and more in the next few minutes.
An Apple a Day….
It was a moment of euphoria for some and nostalgia for others as Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced the replacement of 3.5mm audio jack with Usb type-c ports for iPhone 7. A truly remarkable move considering that iPhone is celebrating its 10 years’ anniversary this week.
Now other smartphone manufacturers like Motorola and LeEco too seem to be taking the same path and changing the way people used to listen all songs.

What’s the Fuss?

We hear sound via sound waves which travel through the air and hit our eardrum. This is the 

Learn about Indie Music as Digital Revenue Stream

There is little doubt that music is highly commercialised in today’s world. That’s why a lot of singers and musicians are realizing music independently as well and trying to turn the independent music industry much larger.
There are even some up and coming artists who are averse to the idea of popular music in Bollywood. However, India thrives on Bollywood and to completely write it off would be wrong.
The digital numbers for indie artists have steadily risen over the last decade, contributing to their income.

Some Recent Developments –
The Technology: Since 2014, we’ve seen the change of mobile internet technology from 2G to 3G and now 4G. Companies such as Gaana, Saavn, Sabakuch, etc have paid more attention to improving their mobile app facilities.
Reaching Out: Independent artists now have platforms to reach out directly to the fan base. Free music online websites and streaming services such as YouTube, iTunes, have enhanced their visibility on a global level
Music Festivals: From un…

Supercharge your Exam Preparations with E-Mock Papers

With the results for JEE, CLAT, NEET and various other exams already out for this year, and many others yet to be declared, one thing is clear that entrance exams in India for top universities and colleges are not going anywhere. Especially in a situation when cut-offs have been rising each year.
Sometimes despite having memorized the answers or even writing them in a notebook is not sufficient, and the students feel lack of confidence. For such circumstances, the e-learning websites provide a simple and effective solution in the form of E-Mock papers.

How to Get Ready for Mock Test –
Avoid shortcuts and attempt full e-mock paper tests. It is best to start taking online tests while simultaneously preparing for any entrance exam.You can plan when to give e-mock tests as per your convenience. However, ideally it is suitable to either reserve your weekends for it, or take the test after every 3 days.Save your results of online tests and compare them with the previous ones to track your pr…

5 Regional Indian Music Stars You Should Know About

With the advent of the internet, music has truly become a language that everyone can understand. Especially, in a country like India which officially has 22 scheduled languages and unofficially more than 700 languages, the range of regional music can be truly phenomenal.
Surely, the more commercial Bombay cinema with its Hindi songs and presence of social networking sites India tends to overshadow them, but the regional music with all their flaws and budget constraints and songs of the country are equally essential and a reflection of India’s homogenous cultural identity.
So here’s a collection of 5 regional music stars (veteran and upcoming) who have done wonders for different parts of the nation they represent:
Name: AR Rahman –            Language: Tamil and Malayalam
Let’s begin with the legend AR Rahman himself who hardly needs any introduction. While his music in the movie Slumdog Millionaire (2008) earned him an Oscar and several of his works have got him awards for Hindi films…