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Top 5 Inspirational Hindi Songs Ever

Every music and song lover has a list of their top 5 inspirational songs ever. They could be in Hindi (Bollywood songs) or English or any other language. These mp3 songs inspire us to feel courageous and make us feel that we can do anything.
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything – Plato
Many of these songs might be having simple words, but they contain a strong philosophy about self-empowerment. They encourage to strengthen and implement the skills on facing the challenges of life.
 So here are the top 5 inspirational hindi songs ever, in no particular order:
Lakshya – Lakshya (2004) Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy Lyrics: Javed Akhtar Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
This hugely popular song is impressive for its catchy tune, contemporary beats and original Indian melodies by the music trio of Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy. It instantly instills a feeling of taking on any task and make it look easier.
Chale Chalo – Lagaan (2001) Music: AR Ra…

Is Podcasting the Ultimate Evolution of Your Beloved Radio?

Much has changed since Radio was first broadcasted in India in the year 1923. The nation, the technology, the lifestyle of people, all has undergone great change.A new term has been coined to describe audio broadcasts. The term comes from joining two words, ‘P.O.D.’, meaning ‘portable on demand’ and ‘broadcast’. Hence, the word, ‘’PODCAST’’.

Radio has undergone an evolution in terms of its use. Many people who used to tune their radio sets to hear radio programs or classical songs have now shifted to the internet sites that provide free bollywood music online.

What is Podcast and What Does It Do?
Now the first question that comes to mind is what exactly is a Podcast and how is it different than the Radio?
Podcasts are digital audio files in formats like mp3, wav, flac, etc and can be played on any digital music player including your computer and mobile phone.
Most of the podcasts follow a weekly episodic pattern. These could be about talk shows, movie reviews, weekly political satire sh…

Do Wallpapers and Songs Play a Larger Role?

Every culture has its own way of seeing; ways that are within and structured among other things, its systems of knowledge and belief. A way of seeing is a relation between self and what can be seen. Online chatting on the best social networking sites also involves the act of seeing which is fundamental to the constitution of identity.
But, a question pops up in this context; is there any role that simple stuff like stock wallpapers or mp3 songs play? And if it so, then are we using too much of media?
There is no simple yes, or no, answer to this question as even the media effect can be studied in the form of theories. These effects are based on various socio, economic, and cultural factors.
If a person visits social sites too often and spends much time on Bollywood new songs or online games then that can be looked in various ways, two of which go like this:

Functionalist way – It assumes that media has a role and function in the society to stabilize, reinforce and maintain consensus wi…

How Social Networking Sites Can Change Your Financial Life

No one could have seen it coming until the finish of the twentieth century, but social networking websites are assuming a noteworthy part today in everyone’s budgetary life.

Social networking platforms have really grown up in their roles from being simple facilitators of connecting people together to stepping on the verge of becoming the money suppliers of tomorrow.

In line with an extremely fast-moving marketplace, this is how social networking is changing your financial life:

From Customer Service to Customer Engagement

Social sites are evolving from mere facilitators ofcustomer service to providers of customer engagement.You can now connect easily with banks that have got out of their comfort zone cabins and have started connecting to the customers in a more informal manner.
You can now get easy-to-understand solutions online on any financial topic. This in turn helps a good will and trust to develop between you and the company you are dealing with online
Fig: You can get instant reac…

This Social Networking Site is winning hearts. Find out why?

When you think of social networking sites online, you can come up with a few big global names. But, you’ll find it hard to recall any significant name from India. Perhaps, you didn’t know before that India too has produced a gem to be listed among the best social networking sites.

Known by the name ‘’, the site is a one-stop shop for everything related to online networking, communication, learning,and entertainment.

What’s so special?

You may ask this question while considering the choices you may have. Well, this list might help you think over to switch to Sabakuch –
It presents itself as an advanced platform which brings together micro blogging, social networking, and professional networking. This means that you can easily share your work or music or photos with your friends, family, and the professional world.
A trio format of O-Zone, My Zone and Biz-Zone allows you to connect socially, personally and professionally, putting Sabakuch in the list of best social networking …

Indian Classical Music as Therapy

That music therapy in the West has been in practice for some decades is a well-known fact. But how many of you know about the therapeutical qualities that Indian Classical Music possesses?
Music has a unique way of being interpreted in different parts of the world. The Indian classical music represents the very essence of concepts, guidelines and their practical application which have evolved over hundreds of years.
Many therapists believe that classical Indian Ragas can benefit in curing in insomnia, schizophrenia, blood pressure, and depression and other neurological issues.
Before we move ahead on this, it is important to know that Indian music songs and therapy through them is not a rival to other forms of therapies.

The Magic of RAGAS –

Indian music including many of the old Bollywood songs that one finds in an online music library are based on two essential features:
Melody: Raga, Swara, Shruti, etcRhythm: Tala and Laya – the way they are perceived

Raga is a set of approximately 1…

Unleash Your Business Potential with Social Marketing

Over the last 70 years of India’s independence, the country has made great strides in information technology sector. India is a hub of IT industry in the South Asian region and is home to the best social networking sites. However, there are still areas like; health, nutrition, literacy, employment; where this nation quickly needs to develop to catch on with the advanced nations.
HOW DOES SOCIAL MARKETING COME IN HERE?Well, social marketing is not a new concept. It targets individual consumers to ‘’CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR’’. For instance, creating awareness about listening and buying legal bollywood music online instead of downloading them illegally
It remains a frequently applied ‘approach’ to communication for development, particularly in creating –  a.) Brand Awareness, and b.) Business Startups
The ultimate goal of social marketing is to induce behavioral change among individuals through messages, through intermediary goals, such as knowledge and attitude change.Buil…

3 Ideas that have led to Amazing E-Learning Apps

Mobile apps are increasingly playing a vital role in all aspects of our lives including education and career. Innovation of some amazing e-learning apps might have made parents  unsure whether the learning process can happen through screen, but several companies have taken the process from e-learningsites to turn the addiction of students of their cell phones into a positive one.
Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen. -John Steinbeck
The innovation and ideas are the key behind any success. Take a look at some of the ideas that have led to new innovation in the field of some amazing e-learning apps. There hardly remains an excuse to not study when these amazing apps are just one touch away from your fingertips.

Thinking Visually –
For most people, creativity strikes at odd times. When ideas are in front of us, we are better able to work on them and connect with them. If you are a visual person and love to brain storm, th…