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Is Windows 10 Spoiling your HD Desktop Backgrounds?

You may have spent many hours searching for the best qualityhd desktop backgroundsfor your computer. But in the end something leaves you unhappy. The free desktop wallpaper that looked so good online, now leaves with a low feeling.
Well, the fault is not yours or thesocial networking websitesthat host these free wallpaper hd. The ‘fault’ here actually lies with Windows 10 Operating System (OS) that’s running on your PC or laptop.
So, it is time you learn a simple trick to unleash the full potential of yourhd desktop backgrounds, and stop Windows 10 from playing spoilsport.

What’s Wrong with my Windows 10?
So,is windows 10 spoiling your hd desktop backgrounds? A short answer is – ”Yes”.  However, as mentioned earlier,

Make Easy Money on Social Networking Websites

Time is money folks. And, many of us just fool around on the web visiting social networking websites and aimlessly wasting time. Wasting free time is like wasting money. But, that can be changed if you are willing to put in 15 minutes to an hour of ‘’free time’’ to make easy money.
A lot of online marketers have their pockets full of cash by making money online. So why should you stay behind?Social networking websiteshave changed the ways that people make money on the internet.
Here’s how you too can make easy money on social networking websites:

Get Paid to Share your Opinion –

Need Online Music for Videos? These Places Will Give You Royalty Free Music

Do you wish your video production could have soundtracks like Hollywood films? Do you imagine editing your clips with sounds of films like Interstellar, or Dark Knight? Then Royalty Free Music can be an excellent choice for a professional production.
It is not easy to get high-quality soundtracks for use in personal, or business purposes without paying a large sum in fees. But thanks to copyright free music, this issue can be tackled.

You don’t need to worry of having a huge budget of Bollywood songs to put great music in your videos. The following great places will give you royalty free music. That’s right! No copyright issues, 100% genuine and totally FREE

Sabakuch Music
With mp3 songs and online music in over 14 Indian and international languages, Sabakuch offers copyright free music curated by sound engineers. This makes the probability of finding a suitable track very high.
The site is home to many independent artists who create and upload their own latest music songs to be used fo…

Free Music Without Borders: An Indo-Pak Tale

Folks, last month on the occasion of India-Pakistan’s Independence Day, free music was celebrated as a symbol for freedom. In 1947, Indian independence also brought partition with it.  A Prom night by BBC at Royal Albert Hall on August 25, 2017 brought two rich classical music cultures together.
Free Music – Without Borders
A celebration of diversity andfree musicemerged when a full house audience came, not just from South-Asia but from Europe as well. When these two nations separated from each other, the way theyplay songswas also separated. While North Indian style mostly stuck to ‘Ragas’, places like Lahore and Karachi took to ‘Ghazal’ and ‘Qawwali’ as the defining features of their nation.