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10 Tactics for Getting More Followers on Social Media

With the booming social marketing industry, ease of doing business has gone up. And so have the avenues of going big. Afterall, who doesn’t want higher returns on investment? No doubt, the social media networks– due to simplicity, versatility and long term benefits are the new way ahead.
But all of this depends on one thing. On getting more followers on social media. But how does one do that? Well, the following passages will tell you the 10 tactics to get more social media followers.
So, brace up. Here are the 10 tactics:

Give Incentives –
A good way to attract more visitors is by offering them incentives. These could be in lieu of following your profile or sharing your posts. Discounts, freebies and coupons are always a welcome incentive for the people by best social networking sites. And, remember not to make scammy offers.

Automation –
For entrepreneurs strapped for time, multi-tasking is a huge benefit. In social network, automation can post content to social networking websites (…

Technology Tips for Online Learning Students

The increasing number of online learning students and e-Learning programs has forced the need to make the digital mediums user friendly. But, at the same time the students must be having a working knowledge of programs, such as podcasts, wikis, web portals, and Microsoft Office.
Although the institutions and websites must develop robust technologies that support this system, some responsibility lies on the part of the students as well. Therefore, today we will be looking at some technology tips for online learning students.
These tips are meant to improve the efficiency and quality of the education process:
Keyboard Shortcuts –
Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to do things faster, especially when you are working on e-learning websites. Moreover, even if some people know shortcuts they still don’t bother to use them.
Now, whether one is playing songs on online music sites or filling in a form online, they’ll definitely feel an increase in productivity
This also eliminates the need t…

Quick Guide: Depth of Field in Images

For most people, Depth of Field in images can be an easy thing to understand. But, for many it is difficult to grasp it along with other technical things to remember.
Depth of field or DoF can be very nice and no matter what you’re filming – royalty free stock photos, daily random images – it will look very professional. Now most of the best stock photos sites do tell about the virtues of DoF, but they hardly ever explain the concept.
And, if you are one of the many, to whom this concept confuses, then this quick guide will help you. So, let’s cut to the chase with this Quick Guide about Depth of Field in Images.
Defining the DoF
The process in detail can be seen in Michael Langford in his book, ‘’Basic Photography: The Guide for Serious Photographer’’, however we will just interpret it as simply as possible.
First of all, technically speaking, ‘’the area or zone in apparent focus, before and after the point of actual focus is known as Depth of Field in photography’’
DoF is a camera len…

Weird but True: Of Music in Space, Astronauts & Aliens

Previously in a special blog titled ‘’Weird but True: Indian Music Now Reaching for the Stars’’ we shed some light on Music in Space, and the magical story of songs being composed for the stars and by the stars (the astronauts)

And similarly, we have two other instances for you, which exist somewhere in the vastness of space and where music in space has created magic.
That’s right folks. As we call it weird but true. The following content is all about music, space, astronauts and aliens. So, get ready for the journey.

Waking up to Music… in Space!
First of all, how would you feel like waking up to the latest music songs, or any other random track… millions of miles from Earth?
The astronauts have been doing that since 1965. A lot of different soundtracks play for them to wake up.
Since missions before Gemini VI were short in duration, therefore the crew did not get wake-up songs. All this information is brought out by Colin Fries, a NASA historian. (Read about him here)
The DJ who chooses…

This is How Social Media is Killing Email

Over the past one decade a statement has become common in online world. Social Media is killing email – say the pundits of internet marketing who have been a witness to major changes in its form and usage.
Gone are the days when people used to write emails to each other. It was then considered to be the ‘modern form of letter writing’. But within a few years all that changed. Globalsocial networking websitessuch Facebook, LinkedIn, Sabakuch have almost eliminated the need for emails.
Reasons Behind the “Killing” of E-Mail – 
Emails are now mostly restricted for signing up on social sites or for office letters/applications. They have quite severely reduced in usage in informal conversations. Some of the factors behind the alleged ‘’killing of email’’ such as – longer time to write and send, spam messages in inbox, phishing and other viruses – are rather slowly taking people away from it.

The Case of E-Mail Marketing