Do Wallpapers and Songs Play a Larger Role?

Every culture has its own way of seeing; ways that are within and structured among other things, its systems of knowledge and belief. A way of seeing is a relation between self and what can be seen. Online chatting on the best social networking sites also involves the act of seeing which is fundamental to the constitution of identity.

But, a question pops up in this context; is there any role that simple stuff like stock wallpapers or mp3 songs play? And if it so, then are we using too much of media?

There is no simple yes, or no, answer to this question as even the media effect can be studied in the form of theories. These effects are based on various socio, economic, and cultural factors.
If a person visits social sites too often and spends much time on Bollywood new songs or online games then that can be looked in various ways, two of which go like this:


Functionalist way – It assumes that media has a role and function in the society to stabilize, reinforce and maintain consensus within it. So according to this approach there is nothing wrong with an individual looking to spend their time on social media.

Narcosis way – Media has a role in distracting the audience from real problems and prevents their doing anything about them. So, by this approach too much of social media consumption is distracting.

To conclude, it would be best to believe that although the internet has radicalized the way humans consume media, it also provides the audience a chance to live out their fantasy lives and seek gratification. By simply logging on to a website such as Sabakuch, one can get to know the world outside and browse through huge ways of entertainment ranging from music and movies to stock wallpapers and games.


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