Unleash Your Business Potential with Social Marketing

Over the last 70 years of India’s independence, the country has made great strides in information technology sector. India is a hub of IT industry in the South Asian region and is home to the best social networking sites.
However, there are still areas like; health, nutrition, literacy, employment; where this nation quickly needs to develop to catch on with the advanced nations.
Social Marketing


  1. Well, social marketing is not a new concept. It targets individual consumers to ‘’CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR’’. For instance, creating awareness about listening and buying legal bollywood music online instead of downloading them illegally

  1. It remains a frequently applied ‘approach’ to communication for development, particularly in creating –  a.) Brand Awareness, and b.) Business Startups


  • The ultimate goal of social marketing is to induce behavioral change among individuals through messages, through intermediary goals, such as knowledge and attitude change.
  • Built along the parameters of commercial models of advertising, the social marketing focuses on changing behavior as a consequence of exposure to messages and knowledge gained.


  1. Participate – People are looking for engaging conversation about your product, from the ”real” you. And, not some automated robotic response machine controlling the professional social networking sites in India. A smart marketer always knows when to give a personal touch and when to use robotic tools.

2.   Follow – Don’t avoid the idea of following other people on Twitter or other social        accounts. Follow the most relevant people and their brands. There is a greater chance of people recalling a conversation with you. To be a leader, you need to start following others first.

3. Measure – Content is king and smart companies know when and how to measure their success in the market. Social media activities have two types of measurement –
  • Ongoing Analytics Measurement: Continuous monitoring of activities on all latest social networking sites
  • Campaign-focused Analytics Measurement: Monitoring of a specific social media campaign or event
Tools such as Digimind, Hootsuite, TweetReach, Buffer, etc can help you monitor everything about user behaviour allowing you to capitalise on the data reports. With the help of these tools you can track keywords, hashtags, URLs and more.


  1. Social networking sites can play a great role in being a catalyst for change in the society. Social marketing can be done by running online campaigns about a particular issue.
  1. This saves a lot of time and money as you can reach out to not only your friends, family or business networks but also to millions of people who live in the remote areas of the country.
  2. It can also promote your business or inform people about the benefits of the product or service that you are selling such as online education or even stock wallpapers.

Source: https://sabakuch.com/blog/2017/05/17/unleash-your-business-potential-with-social-marketing/


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