How We Communicate with Songs and Wallpapers

We all know that communication is essential to human kind. And, every civilization has had its own ways to do so. It’s not just spoken or written words that we use to communicate, but we do it through poems, lyrics and the music that people hear from latest hindi songs free download offline.
Although the word communication is derived from the word ‘’Communis’’; which means to share, it is not easy to define it as people use the term in a variety of ways that are only vaguely related.

Sharing could be of these three things –


Apart from being defined in a particular manner, communication serves 4 essential functions also.

  • Physical Needs - Communication is so important that it is necessary for physical health. In fact, evidence suggests that an absence of satisfying communication can even jeopardize life itself.

  • Identity Needs - Communication does more than enable us to survive. It is the way—indeed, theonly way—we learn who we are.

  • Social Needs - Besides helping to define who we are, communication provides a vital link with others.

  • Practical Needs - Communication is the tool that lets you tell the somebody to play a hindi mp3 song, get a free desktop wallpaper the wallpaper with hd, and inform the people about a public event
Online site like Sabakuch are an all-encompassing digital medium which allow people to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas to like-minded people. It also fulfills the criterions of social networking by fulfilling the various social needs of the individuals and helps them inform and integrate socially with the help of the internet.

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