Breaking The Myths About Social Networking

People who use social networking as a natural lifestyle routine are familiar with the norms of likes, friends, blogs, tweet etc. Among all this web browser witnesses new users every day, there are a lot of assumptions that prevail. Such as, it is unsafe to shop online, putting your own picture on social networking might get you into trouble or while making a video call it may be recorded by a third party and used against you.
All these myths make the internet an unsafe platform to connect. But the users should know that as far as they install proper anti-virus and update their privacy settings, the social networking sites india and abroad try to secure the user profiles.
every-genre is a social networking website which aims to divide and secure your three different avtaars, professional, personal and social separately. The site keeps the information and post separately for each section, so that you can choose your audience for each post depending on the relevance.
The site also offers latest music songs, video, e-learning and jobs portal among others. Social networking has helped us to connect with people beyond boundaries; the myths that prevail regarding it should be eradicated. Visit the site to enjoy the multiple advantages on a single social networking platform.
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