“Do Pictures or the Intellect Make a Man Perfect “

Smart phones have made so much more possible, with each up gradation and a new application, sharing, posting and blogging is as easy as breathing. If you belong to a world of social networking site in india, you must be familiar to the trends of picture editing and posting with appropriate tags, location and taglines to it. You popularity on social media is a lot dependent upon how frequently you update your profile pictures and albums, and so selfies have come in handy. But all this has lead to knowledge and real intellectual reasoning being dumped into the background. To judge a book by its front page is a warning by our ancestors, lets break the trend lets come out of the shallow interpretations, appreciate the intelligence more. 

We also find cases where, people instead of putting their own pictures use images from the online sites itself. Royalty free stock photos and images are uploaded and downloaded for many purposes. You can visit Sabakuch.com for unique and unlimited image stock. 

This site also offers e-learning option to upgrade your knowledge and reasoning skilss with audio, video and practice lessons, lets balance the face and internal value and develop on both. The images are suitable for occasions, festivities, moods and much more which will give you an easier way to express yourself to friends, family and colleagues. The site also offers free music download and games online for entertainment purposes. 


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