A New Medium of Communication

With the advent of online social networking, communication has got new dimensions. The transformation from telegram to telephone, cellular phone & then to the internet, which has spaced communication in a wide manner, in turn, supported by the launch of social networking websites.
Sharing pictures, thoughts, ideas and day to day activity has become a trend and public sharing has led to grooming and rethinking in opinions and learning too. Sabakuch.com has provided all these ease and increased the opportunities & level of interaction. With Human being a social animal always search for outlets to gain contacts and the sabakuch.com has been designed to gain personal and professional contacts.
With a focus on networking the platform has considered the importance of Education and Entertainment along with. Empowering the use of digital education with no limitation to the subject index has added flying colors to this visionary thought of all in one concept.
It would have been monotonous and tedious to just study and network without the preferential music option which additionally is a feature for an artist to earn the benefits, both monetary and promotional. This music store online includes music for all segments of society with the categorization of old & new songs, classification on genres, attempt to add up with regional artist and also a change in flavor with the unheard artist tracks too.
It proved to be a planned solution to multiple needs in a single sign up.
Source : https://sabakuchsocial.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/a-new-medium-of-communication/


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