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Music is in mind and is heard by all ages of people. Sometimes it is a stress reliever else a source of entertainment. It is always liked by the listener, with segregation to its tastes & preferences. One such platform which has taken care of the tastes of people has arranged genres and even the unheard tracks together. is a social networking website, offering a trio combination to connect with masses, buddies & brains.
If you are looking for a platform for online music it seems to be a perfect destination to cater your need. It provides you with bollywood music online, it is a blend of regional songs, unheard artist tracks, a combination of new and old songs and much more. It has emerged as a channel to provide monetization of artist. The platform can keep a track of the revenue generated out of it by record keeping of audio streaming.
It has offered a platform for entertainment to the listeners and income to the performers. This attempt has improved the market and would be a practice beneficial in the eradication of piracy. This music module has tapped the unexplored market and industry talent and one can find varieties and uniqueness in it.  The portal has been distinctive with enormous features and keeping in mind the interest of all ages & segments. This is a platform for all.

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