Life in a Viral World

Did you wake up this morning with a message flashing on your mobile phone, telling you of a video or a meme that has gone viral? Viral messaging has become an online marketing phenomenon. Most likely because:
a)       It is cost-effective with a really fast response time
b)      It hits you at all emotional levels
c)       It enables active participation of consumers instead of being passive receivers of information on mediums like radio or television

The trick usually deployed by the marketing agencies includes timely choosing of topics to make viral. For example, it could be a music store online or a mp3 song that could go viral for its content. The agencies combine the message they want to send with an ongoing national or international agenda or topic of conversation.

Another example of this technique would be of a famous Indian butter brand that quite often captures the mood of the country in its cartoon ads which then become viral.

Many viral messages can also help people earn money through the sites that allow people to get paid for their work. Among such place is an Indian website, that gives options to its users to upload their music content on its music store online and get paid if the web users like it and hear it.

Creating a product or content for making it viral is a technique and a work of deep understanding of user behavior. If someone wants to create a meme out of stock wallpapers, then that person must have a knowledge of what kind of message he/she should use and also what kind of medium would be best to propagate it. 

So, hopefully, the next time you can also create and share a piece of work with the whole online audience and go viral with it.


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