Need Mp3 Music and Photos? This is How You Can Get Them for Free!

Did you know that nearly 6% of internet search is for music category? And a similar percentage is for images.

Listening to some cool foot tapping songs while browsing through websites is a common phenomenon. And, if you can get some gorgeous looking photos to decorate your computer screen, then there is nothing like it.

Social networking websites in India are now home to ads and links that direct you to mp3 songs or free wallpapers, but are they really what they claim? Are they really free? 

These reasons might make you reconsider:

  1. Most images that you download are not 100% copyright free which means they are not completely legal to be used or modified
  2. Most of these websites direct you to some fake site which can harm your computer or mobile phone 
  3.  And lastly, no option of online play which does not guarantee whether the song is false or genuine 

But now, you can totally avoid these problems and get mp3 free music and stock photos to enjoy your daily dose of entertainment. 

From the latest Hindi songs to old Bollywood music, these mp3 songs are made for every mood for anyone to hear anytime.

And, there is something else. You can top these chart busting beats with some really cool and savvy wallpapers which are absolutely royalty free stock photos.

This means the following:

  • 100% verified songs and photos with nearly zero chance of having unwanted virus or other harmful material on your smart device

  • Free music which is royalty free and can be used for any of your needs. Plus they can be easily played online

  • Full HD entertainment with stock photos that can be set as wallpapers and transferred to mobile phones

Check out many such great songs and a whole section of hundreds of photos on, home to one of India’s fastest growing social networking portal. Also find an exclusive portal for connecting with friends, family and professionals with just one user account.


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