Why India Loves Songs in its Movies? 3 Reasons

India has had a wonderfully rich and culturally diverse music history. Traditional folk songs and dances have always been celebrated in the various languages of India. Although this country loves its classical music but the youth mostly looks for offline ways to get latest hindi songs free download. These are the more popular variety of songs that are found in the cinema of Hindi language also known as Bollywood. 

The inclusion of multiple songs for different situations in the movies often surprises a Hollywood film watcher. Songs are very rarely included in a Hollywood film and such films are termed as a ‘Musical’. However, for Indians, almost every other film is a musical.

So why is it that we like music in our films? Is it just the need to listen to heart catching melodies or something else? Here are three points to consider:

·         The Story – Whether fiction or not, music will add to the story. It will add to the mood and make you completely immerse in the saga which is being played in a theater. A screenwriter tries to bridge two scenes with a song.

·         The Frequencies – When a song is played on screen, there are different frequencies that connect the audience which are absent during dialogues. Sound effects have more importance when it comes to fiction. Also, Surround sound has given way to high-fidelity sound. These last longer in the minds of the audience than any other sounds in a film.

·         The Business – Often having a title song or a dance number can make additional profits for a filmmaker. Just look for mp3 online or latest hindi songs free download and you will find a number of new songs in this category.

Music has always been deeply associated with Indian film industry. From the early 20th century onwards, music began to be included in the movies. Slowly and gradually it became the one biggest distinguishing feature between the cinemas of the west and the cinema of our country.

The population in rural areas still hugely appreciates the inclusion of songs in a movie as it goes back to classical art forms like nautanki, nukkad natak, kathputli show, etc. For the urban audience, this experience translates online on some of the best social networking website in India where they share the music and also create their own covers of popular hits.

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