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Images have always attracted us. They evoke different kinds of emotions in us. Some of them make us laugh while some of them make us cry. From ancient days of painting a person or object, to the invention of the camera, image making and image taking have completely changed.
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Everybody now carries a camera phone in their pockets and this has given us a great chance to explore our creativity. The growth of social networking websites in India has facilitated the knowledge about photography. Images are now seen as an artwork which is being studied and analyzed in school and college curriculum.
These images are a great source of inspiration and creativity. But is this all they are for? Certainly not. Here are 5 points about them:
  1. These photos are an extension of your own self and can bring out various emotions in anybody
  1. Such widespread circulation of pictures has given way to royalty free stock photos which can be shared, modified and edited by using any editing software
  1. Some websites offer several categories of images such as; devotional, wishes, inspirational thoughts. This makes them a source of learning and text
  1. The advancement of technology has paved way for photos to be produced digitally. This has tremendously increased their resolution or sharpness.
  1. High-resolution photos feel life-like. They are also known as Full HD pictures and look stunning as wallpapers
Among the social networking websites in India that offer images along with a unique package of social networking, is As it provides more than 1000 stock photos that are a work of art. These are especially catered to anyone who needs something extra in their pictures.

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