Beware of the Evils of Social Networking

Since the advent of internet and smart phones, connectivity optimization is a service major companies have aimed at. The capitalist endeavor to take internet by storm and move ahead of each other in the race for becoming the favorites among the users is real. From posting our pictures online to share with our friends to people using these pictures for forgery and fake accounts, the arena has completely turned upside down. The social websites not only provide us an easy reach to our family and friends, it also makes it easy for people to stalk other’s activities and use their personal information for wrong means. An excessive use of internet causes deviation from real matter at hand people miss out on the nature and beauty around them, while immersed in their smart phones and tablets.

It is necessary to draw a fair line between the use and advantages of internet connectivity and addiction to it for all purposes altogether. Popularsocial networking sites in india have devised various means to draw in more users, which is beneficial for their business but might not be good for the under-age kids who log in to it for fun. 

 . is a social networking website which simultaneously provides e-learning tools to balance the use of internet for work and entertainment both without wasting much time. The site also provides a music store online with unlimited collection of music from around the world. 

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