Can the New Replace the Old?

We all have memories that we cherish for the lifetime, the moments that have passed into past but make us what we are today. The past always reflects why we are the way we are. The old ways, childhood memories of playing outside in the park, catching grasshoppers or hiding behind the curtains each time playing hide n seek. Everything has changed with cell phones and internet, video games and television sets. Children today play sitting on their couch on the TV with their play stations; they don’t go out but make social networking accounts and follow others nine. The old ways have completely changed, what we experienced is not a part of the next generation’s memories.

They will never understand the excitement of waiting for a show for entire week and biting nails in excitement, anxious to catch up with school friends. They are connected with friends day and night, watch shows at a stretch online. Old memories remain a part of our past. They won’t be forgotten, all recorded in pictures and memories passed on to generations. is a website which provides social networking options and a special e-learning section with lessons in history and other subjects; they have videos and audios for the same. The site also provides new all song and music from around the world, there is an image section from wherein you can download free hd wallpapers



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