Influence of Media on Individual

Staying informed about every development and change around the world has been one of the common motives since the advent of new technology. We have phones, tablets and computers at our disposal and keep ourselves connected to the social websites most time of the day. It has become a general habit to listen to new on TV and read newspapers online. Media has become an essential part of our routines in general, we take it for granted. Taking the channels of information granted has created an unforeseen situation where we have ceased to use our own judgment to understand the news or comments by a political leader but simply and blindly follow our favorite news channels or news’s reader’s views. The free thinking concept has fast erased with this exercise. 

Media turns the people’s attention from, one breaking news to another breaking news and drives attention to the topic they feel are more important. Let’s take our reasoning seriously and judge for ourselves which information needs more attention and time from our schedule. Log in to a social networking website which provides updated third person reported news, mp3 free music and is one of the best stock photo sites. The site is new but promises to offer far more than a common social website does. 



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