Internet Is the New Idea Bank!

Since the advent of internet we have a tendency to search for each and every idea whether it is for a birthday card or a new fashion trend. From a small anklet to large sofas and property, interior designs and architecture is also researched online for ideas. People tend to draw ideas from past ideas instead of thinking out of the box. Fashion trends are repeated from the 80’s and 90’s quite apparently drawing inspiration from the old. Not denying the few talented brains who think of ideas for themselves majority of the population online uses its internet search base for ideas. 

For something new to come up a sense of reasoning and intellect which out does this trend is expectant, aiming for high goals and competing with the ones already achieved is not the way out. Such is the philosophy at, transcending the general concept of social networking the website out does the topsocial networking websites in india with its Trio-Zone concept.

It provides free music online and free images for wallpaper. The website also deals with e-learning tools and is still developing its mailing section. To think beyond the set mind forged limits is much needed to create something new.


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