Become A Singing Sensation, The Online Way!

There might be several musical shows in the country now, but there are a rare few that can match what Sabakuch Symphony 2017 has to offer! Imagine, age is not a bar, your ethnicity is not a criteria, it does not matter which language you sing in and it doesn’t even matter if you are singer! Sabakuch Symphony 2017 is a musical competition unlike any other – as long as you have music in you, you are welcome to register and participate. You could be an individual singer, a band or even an instrumentalist, you are welcome to be a part of Sabakuch Symphony 2017.
Over a span of 93 days, singers from all parts of the world will be given a platform to showcase their talents and it will be the audience that will choose those worthy enough to go on to the next round. The number of times your song gets played and liked, will get you points, which is what will carry you from round one to round two.
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The final ten will get to perform in front of a live audience and judges of the calibre of Kanika Kapoor and Anand Raj Anand. And the winners get to walk away with huge cash prizes as well as the chance to record their own song, under a reputed label.
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