Why A New Type Of Music Reality Show Is The Need Of The Hour

Over the past several years, our television sets have been bombarded with reality shows that claim to discover musical talent. While some shows have unearthed musical genius, most of them come and die without a trace. This is exactly why a new type of musical reality show is the need of the hour and that is where Sabakuch Symphony 2017 comes into action.

Imagine a competition where you need not even step out of your own house to audition - Sabakuch Symphony 2017 is a completely online show, where only the grand finale will be a live event, and this is a live event that you will not want to miss. Not only will the top 8 get to perform in front of a live audience, which is expected to be around 8000 strong, they will also get to show off their talent in front of big names of the Hindi music industry, namely Kanika Kapoor and Anand Raj Anand.

There are several shows that leave winners with the promise of working with big music labels, but at Sabakuch Symphony 2017 winners will get a video recording deal, as well as hefty cash prizes. Even the runners up will walk away with gift hampers from Sabakuch Music. However, the biggest USP of this event is that it is not one or two or three judges who will decide the fate of the ‘winner’; it will be a combination of audience votes, votes from the Sabakuch team and at the finale, the votes of the judges! 

Source : https://sabakuchsocial.wordpress.com/2017/03/23/why-a-new-type-of-music-reality-show-is-the-need-of-the-hour/


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