The Changing Trends In The Music Industry

Music might have been around for centuries and musicians might have been around for just as long, but the manner in which true talent is located has changed in the several years. For instance, in the days of kings, court musicians were appointed and often they would be judges of who the talented musicians were. Then came the day and age of television and musical reality shows arrived, where a few people would judge the talent of innumerable musicians.

Now, it’s the time for something completely new and almost revolutionary – it’s time for Sabakuch Symphony 2017! This online reality show will give you the wind beneath your wings, that you need to soar! Most reality shows that we get to see on television are ones that will ask you to sing in the local language and if it is a national channel, you might get the choice between Hindi or at the most English. But imagine a show where you can choose from 14 Indian languages!

Another trend that you get to see with such reality shows is that there is always an age limit that is set by the creators of the show, but at Sabakuch Symphony 2017, we have set no such restrictions, because we understand that talent is not bound by age. The entire idea behind this contest is that it allows talent to arise, no matter what the language and no matter what the age be! And the cherry on the icing is the fact that winners get to walk away with huge cash prizes as well as video recording deals!
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