How Sabakuch Symphony 2017 Can Change Your Life

You have been around music all your life, and even though you have wanted to create a life out of it, you have either never received the chance to do the same or are not sure how to go about it. You have watched several reality shows online, but you are never sure of how you can also participate in them. When you find out that you need to stand in almost never ending lines to just get to audition, you feel a little disheartened and half your confidence is lost then and there.

But imagine a talent hunt that allows you to audition from the comfort of your own home, a reality show where you will not have to go anywhere, till you reach the grand finale and when you do make it to the grand finals, you will have the red carpet waiting for you, at the end of the which, you will have the chance to write history !

Welcome to Sabakuch Symphony 2017 – a one of a kind show that allows you to register from your home, audition from the comfort of your home and walk out directly onto one of the largest stages in the world to try your luck at huge spoils! Winners not only get cash prizes, but also a video recording deal. Given that you will get to perform in front of the some of the biggest names of the music industry, the chances of your life changing forever and for the better are extremely high !
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